love. learn. seek. serve.

Welcome to Brookside

We are a community of believers, each one of us using our gifts to love, learn, seek, and serve. We walk with Jesus, committed to building redemptive relationships in our ever-growing community.


This Week

10:00 AM

Pastor Paul will share the message Come, Morning Star based on Malachi 4:1-2; Luke 1:76-79The offering will be for Ministries of Brookside and Christian Education. 

6:00 PM

Song service tonight at 6pm.

Visit in person, or you can watch online: 

Get Involved

There is more to Brookside than our services every Sunday. Young to old, there are plenty of events to get involved with and grow your faith.

Check out Our Ministries page to see more on how you can get involved in our community, or join a Small Group

Up Coming Events at Brookside CRC

The Nativity at Brookside:

Christmas is often a time of flashy decorations, elaborate parties, and endless amounts of gorgeously wrapped gifts. All great things, but the story of Jesus' birth isn't any of those things. Is it miraculous? Absolutely! But part of what makes the birth of Christ SO miraculous is that it was simple. I mean, what kind of Savior of the WORLD is born in a barn or cave to a seemingly unimportant couple in a tiny town. This most likely is something you've heard before, and yet for most we seem to forget every Christmas season to take some time to focus on the miraculous yet simple, humble beginning of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The evening of December 16, we invite you to come and do just that. We will be hosting The Nativity at Brookside event outside of our building by the main entrance. There will be three different performance times, and each performance is about 15 minutes long. 15 minutes to stop, be still, and to be reminded about where it all began.