Brookside ministries

Brookside Christian Reformed Church is committed to helping every member mature in their faith.  This commitment extends to adults as well as children. We offer opportunities for growth and learning on Sunday mornings, during the week, and at special times throughout the year.

  • alpha

    Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.  Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to created conversation.  Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome.  No two Alphas look the same, but generally they have three things in common:  food, a talk, and good conversation.  Classes are held annually.  Contact Nicole Davis at  for more information.

  • Brookside Break

    Brookside Break is our Wednesday evening church experience which brings many generations of members and guests together for a meal, fellowship and growth. Following dinner many groups meet throughout the building including Cadets for boys, GEMS  girls clubs, Brookside Choir, as well as small group book and/or Bible studies. Brookside Break meets on alternate Wednesday evenings from September through April. See our calendar for specific dates and times. Dinner is served from 5:45-6:30pm. Click on any of the above links for more information about a specific ministry. For more information about Brookside Break, contact

  • Discover Brookside

    Are you new to Brookside?  Do you want to know more about Brookside?  Our Discover Brookside class is especially designed for those who are considering membership, those who have recently become members, or those who just want to know more about Brookside in general!  For more information about the next Discover Brookside class, contact

  • Friends Alive

    Friends Alive meets twice a month: once in the Upper Room for singing, devotions or a themed activity; the second meeting we reach out to our community with a specific activity. Friends Alive is committed to viewing each of our participants, with special needs and their peers, as equal in God's eyes, brothers and sisters with gifts to give each other. Go to the Friends Alive Facebook page for more information.

  • Mobile Food Pantry

    Our Mobile Food Pantry is held on the 4th Monday, January-April and June-November. Registration begins at 5:00pm. Food is distributed from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Mobile Food Pantry is a monthly distribution of free perishable food for those in need. This is a gift to our community as an extended expression of God's love and care for all people. We pray that these groceries will help our guests through a time of financial difficulty. The food has been purchased from Feeding America of West Michigan. From our guests, we simply request name, address, phone number, and a reason for the need for food. No additional verification is necessary. A record of our recipients is kept so that, in the event of a recall of any items we distributed, we can notify the guests to throw out the items. 

  • Pastoral Care

    At Brookside Pastoral Care is given by the pastors and other appointed leaders. Our Pastoral Care Coordinator and Senior Pastor are available to give care and comfort to members in times of sorrow and in joy (births, marriages, illness, death).   Brookside elders, deacons, and other leaders are equipped to be active in relationships of pastoral care. You are encouraged to talk to your Shepherd Elder or Service Deacon as they provide ministries of spiritual and physical care for members and those in the surrounding community.  

    Brookside also participates in the Church Assistance Program (CAP). This is a confidential service which provides initial counseling services for any member who is in need of help.

    For more information about a pastoral care issue, please Nicole Davis at

  • Prayer Ministry

    The members of our Prayer Ministry intercede for those who are in need. These prayer warriors lift up to the Lord various needs and requests for members and non-members alike. For more information about this ministry, please contact Nicole Davis at

    Brookside's Prayer Room is open to anyone who would like to spend time in quiet prayer and meditation. Please contact the office if you would like to use this room.